Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Alternativ Therapy with rushing head, head noises....

On May 13th, I found by coincidence the website from Mr. Hönigschmid, after I had entered „noises in head“ at Google. Up to this time, I had gone through an therapeutical odyssey with my suffering: several osteopathic and physiotherapeutic treatments, a splint and special treatments with my dentist, ginko and vitamin C- infusions. Although a neural therapy had helped me to eliminate the shrieking of my jaw to the left side, the constant pulse synchronous noise in my head had still remained. A little bit sceptical but curious I called Mr. Hönigschmid from the Ruhr- area, 300 km far from Hamburg. My mind didn`t believe in bioresonance therapy nor in long-distance healing but it was worth a try. Today, after about 2 weeks, the noise in my head has reduced to 20%. In talks with Mr. Hönigschmid, whom I learnt to know as a sensitive and compassionate person who is able to come to the point of a matter, I found out that the noise has a lot to do with my lifestyle, my thinking and my perfectionist dealing with requirements and feelings. The remaining 20% of the noise which is rather quiet now I see as a hint to be more sensitive with me and my feelings. I am going to continue the bioresonance therapy with Mr. Hönigschmid because it has initiated a reorientation within me, which has been good for me. Thanks!

Germany NRW Ruhrgebiet, 23.05.2013

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